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Castle Rush

In Castle Rush two kings fight for the dominance in their territory. They can expand their kingdom by capturing areas around their own castle. Turn by turn they extent it more and more. The one with the greater territory wins. Tatical reflections, experience and talent leads to victory.

In tricky missions your castle needs to be expanded more and more. On the one hand an important point on the map has to be reached and on the other hand very specific areas need to be captured. Alone or against an enemy you have to achieve the goal in as few steps as possible. This tactical puzzle game based on the famous floodfill principle where you can capture one field type per round.


To capture a specific area type, you have to click the corresponding button on the right (1. player, white) or left side (2. player, black), respectively. All fields next to your area that have the same color will be captured.

How to win, depends on the game mode.

Mission mode

The mission mode is divided into 6 packs. Every pack contains 15 normal missions and 2 bonus missions. For each mission you can earn 3 stars. The more stars you got, the better you battled. The next mission will be unlocked, when you won at least one star. The first bonus mission will be unlocked when you win 2 stars in each of the 15 normal missions. The second bonus mission at three stars each.

The mission packs 5 and 6 contain very difficult missions. In the android version they will be unlocked by winning very much stars, but you can also buy them. You can find the needed stars count directly in the mission pack selection screen.